Helen Beaumont Profile PictureHelen Beaumont is a creative and experienced costume designer with the ability and resourcefulness to turn concepts into reality, whether period or contemporary.

She has worked with numerous prestigious companies such as the BBC, Tiger Aspect, Working Title, Hogarth, Partizan, Young Vic Theatre, the English National Opera and the Royal Opera House. She has also worked with a number of well known clients such as Universal Studio, Disney, Sainsbury’s, Mc Donalds, Dove and Mattel.

Helen was educated at Camberwell College of Art where she studied the History of Art and Design. There, she developed excellent research skills within historical and contemporary contexts, she learned about art and design within culture, society and it’s influence and inspiration in modern practices.

Helen’s career started in opera and theatre, where she worked as a buyer and assisted many well known costume designers and supervisors. Importantly, this gave her a sound introduction to the world of costume design and was fantastic starting point for her career. Since then she has gone on to work for many prestigious companies such as the Royal Opera House, Angels and Big Talk, to name a few.

Helen has cultivated an excellent knowledge of suppliers, makers and hire companies as well as, crucially, the ability and resourcefulness to make a concept into reality.

Helen has a passion for creating character with subtlety and humour, ideas pulled from real life, people we can all relate to. At the other end of the spectrum, she also enjoys imaginative, avant-garde, surreal and creative design. Helen’s stand out qualities are her attention to detail, obsessing over colour, fabric, textile, pattern and the overall aesthetics.

She has a keen interest in period clothing, fashion, trends, dressmaking, textiles, film and photography and uses references from these areas to influence her ideas and designs.

Throughout her career, Helen has worked as a costume buyer, supervisor and designer in film, tv, commercials, promos, theatre and opera. She has also appeared on the BBC and E4 presenting style advice and makeovers.

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