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Amazing Art Deco Interiors at Eltham Palace, South East London

Amazing art deco interiors at Eltham Palace, South East London. I highly recommend you visit this wonderful house. Experience the decade of decadence as you are transported back to the 1930s (just in time for cocktail hour!). Created for millionaires Stephen and Virginia Courtauld, Eltham Palace is part showpiece of Art Deco design and 1930s cutting-edge technology, and part medieval royal palace. Bring your family and make yourself at home, try on clothes, play games and listen to music, as a guest of the Courtaulds. You can visit the website here…

See for yourself…..

Ginnie’s boudoir - Helen Beaumont
Ginnie’s boudoir



Reception Hall - Helen Beaumont
Art Deco Curves in the reception hall


The Dance Floor - Helen Beaumont
The dance floor. Fancy a party in here? it can be hired!


Drawing Room - Helen Beaumont
Such elegance in the drawing room. Love the colours here, like peaches and cream


Art Deco Fireplace - Helen Beaumont
Art deco fireplace. Bold and beautiful.

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