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Some famous people have more style than others. A poll on the UK’s best dressed celebrity women, for example, saw the public herald people like Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston as trendsetters, while dismissing others such as Katie Price and Rita Ora for their disastrous fashion choices. If you want to see just how fashionable […]

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The Fashion Awards 2016 are due to be held on Monday 5th December at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall. The nominees for these prizes were recently announced, making up a veritable who’s who in both British and global fashion. Helen Beaumont comments on this year’s slate of nominees. Going Global You may remember The Fashion […]

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During London Fashion Week, we saw some stunning fashion. If this whetted your appetite for designer labels, remember that they can be expensive, so wear them alongside lower end clothing to keep costs under control. Helen Beaumont explains how to mix high end and high street fashion. Choose key pieces The trick to mixing high […]



With temperatures dropping, autumn is officially upon us and winter won’t be far behind. Now is the time to plot out what you’re going to wear throughout the season, so you’re prepared when the cold descends. Helen Beaumont reveals how to plan your autumn/winter wardrobe with flair… Clear your wardrobe Trendsetter advises you to start […]



Are you considering a career in fashion? Learn about the industry, so you can start propelling yourself up the career ladder. Helen Beaumont reveal five things you should know about working in fashion… Dispel misconceptions Marie Claire writes that a thick skin is essential in fashion, because people have a lot of misconceptions about the […]

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Are you considering a career in the field of clothing design? You should be warned that this is a diverse field, so it’s key that you determine whether you are you more suited to fashion or costume design. Helen Beaumont considers the difference between costume design and fashion design. Exploring similarities It’s important to note that […]

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London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 has now officially closed. Featuring some of the most talented designers in the business, the event saw a range of exciting new styles hit the runways. Helen Beaumont explores some of the most innovative trends from London Fashion Week. Experimental sleeves In London, a lot of designers decided to get […]

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Conducting research into celebrity fashion, ecommerce retailer Kaleidoscope has asked UK customers to give their two cent on the best and worst dressed female celebrities. Helen Beaumont looks at the verdicts. Best dressed women The Belfast Telegraph writes that fashion ecommerce retailer Kaleidoscope has released its latest research. Here, the firm asked customers across the […]

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As an aspiring costume designer and fashion enthusiast, you can learn more about this industry by looking to the silver screen. Helen Beaumont reveals five great films for fashion lovers. The September Issue September is the biggest month for fashion magazines, where publications compete to release the best issue. This tradition was created by legendary […]



Conducting research is one of the core tasks of a costume designer. When working in this field, it is wise to keep an eye on the British Fashion scene, so you can discover any new innovations which would improve the way you produce costumes. The scene’s crowning event, London Fashion Week, is due to be […]