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High Street Fashion - Helen Beaumont

  With the popularity of the 14 times oscar nominated La La Land featuring Emma Stone twirling in a yellow dress, the internet search for yellow has gone through the roof. The yellow dress featured was designed by costume designer Mary Zophres. She found the fabric in a cheap fabric store and over printed it with […]

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Natalie Portman - Helen Beaumont

The biggest night in the film year is undoubtedly the Oscars. The 2017 Oscars, also known as the Academy Awards, will be held on 26th February and recently, the nominations for the Academy Award for Best Costume Design, a prestigious prize won previously by the likes Renie Conley for her work in Cleopatra, were announced. […]

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Friends - Helen Beaumont

Running from 1994 to 2004, Friends is still regarded by many people as the best, funniest TV show of all time. The programme also signified a significant development in the field of costume design, with many of its styles becoming popular in real life. Helen Beaumont explains more below… Style trendsetters Friends followed the trials […]

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la la land - Helen Beaumont

US industry body the Costume Designers Guild will hold its annual Costume Designers Guild Awards in LA on 21st February 2017. Helen Beaumont reveals the 35 productions which have been nominated this year, which encompass the cream of the crop in modern film and TV costume design. Great honour This year’s ceremony will be hosted […]

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Marilyn Monroe - Helen Beaumont1

Marilyn Monroe wore many memorable costumes across her film career. But it was the white dress she donned for The Seven Year Itch that established Marilyn as a sex symbol and proved to be the most iconic costume design she ever wore. Helen Beaumont explains how this came to be… Seven Year Itch Released in […]

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Evita - Helen Beaumont

It’s key that aspiring film costume designers learn how to build relationships with actors. Films feature so many costume changes, that costume designers are required to constantly communicating with actors. Of course some films feature more costume changes than others, Helen Beaumont reveals which had the most ever. Changing records Up until the 1990s, Elizabeth […]

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Debbie Reynolds Costume Collection - Helen Beaumont

Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds passed way at the end of 2016, just a few days after her daughter, Star Wars alum Carrie Fischer. Helen Beaumont looks back on the amazing contribution Debbie Reynolds made to the field of costume design, not just as an actress, but as a collector… Hollywood star Debbie Reynolds got her […]

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Singin' in the Rain - Helen Beaumont

With the recent passing of Debbie Reynolds, it seems appropriate to shine a light on one of her most famous movies, Singin’ in the Rain. In this article, Helen Beaumont explores how costume design was used expertly in Singin’ in the Rain, to create a timeless movie musical that many still love today. Singin’ in […]

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Vivien Leigh’s portrayal of Scarlett O’Hara in classic Hollywood film Gone With The Wind was legendary. In Helen Beaumont’s opinion, the costume designs created for Scarlett O’Hara helped Leigh turn this heroine into a timeless character, who is still beloved by viewers across the world today. Gone With The Wind Released in 1939, Gone With […]

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Harry Potter Costumes - Helen Beaumont

The latest Harry Potter movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, was released last month. In order to celebrate this latest cinematic triumph, a Harry Potter costume design exhibition has been opened at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. Helen Beaumont comments. Magical world The costumes used to bring Harry Potter characters off […]