How to Plan Your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

With temperatures dropping, autumn is officially upon us and winter won’t be far behind. Now is the time to plot out what you’re going to wear throughout the season, so you’re prepared when the cold descends. Helen Beaumont reveals how to plan your autumn/winter wardrobe with flair…

Clear your wardrobe

Trendsetter advises you to start by clearing out your wardrobe. Throw away anything that no longer fits, or that you haven’t worn in the past year, so you can make space for autumn/winter clothing. You could even sell these items on EBay, to shore up your autumn/winter clothing fund or donate them to charity. Also make sure to store any spring/summer clothing carefully, because you’ll need it next year.

Invest in staples

Next, draw up an inventory of what you have. Ensure you check whether your wardrobe includes key autumn/winter staple clothing, making room in your budget for anything you need to buy. Essential pieces should include coats, sturdy shoes, gloves, scarves, hats, knits and bags, as well as glamorous pieces that you’ll need for the holiday season, like heels, statement jewellery and glitzy dresses.

Buy new pieces

Now you need to buy new pieces. Research online fashion retailers, like ASOS and BooHoo, to secure the best deals. Check their return policies before buying anything, so if your clothing doesn’t fit, you can recover costs easily. Under UK law, you have 14 days after buying something online to cancel and another 14 days to return the product for a full refund, but you may have to pay any return costs.

Go for quality

Whenever you create an outfit, it’s always a good idea to mix high street with high end. With this strategy, you can craft stylish looks, without stretching your budget too thin. The key to mastering this technique, especially when confronted with harsh autumn/winter conditions, is to go for quality pieces. This will give you clothing which lasts multiple autumns and winters, as they are durable.

Look for inspiration

Should you ever find yourself stuck on what to wear this autumn/winter, turn to celebrities. Ask yourself, who are the most stylish famous women and how do they dress, using their style to shape your own wardrobe. One good example is Kate Middleton, who not only mixes high end and high street like a pro, but has a sophisticated sense of style, dressing appropriately whatever the season.

Get really creative

When it comes to planning your autumn/winter wardrobe, you should aim to straddle a fine line. Yes, look to create outfits which conform to your unique sense of style, so you have the comfort needed to pull them off. But you could also experiment with new trends and styles, to be fashion forward!

About Helen Beaumont

Helen Beaumont’s career started at Camberwell College of Art, where she studied the History of Art and Design, specialising in costume during her final year. After completing study, Helen became a costume buyer for theatre and opera. She has since become a professional costume designer, with a keen interest in period clothing. Throughout her career, Helen has created authentic costumes for prestigious companies such as the Universal Studios, Disney, BBC, Tiger Aspect and the Young Vic Theatre.

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